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Getting Started with Spanish

Below are the most frequently translated phrases that will help you to learn and speak Spanish quickly. This includes phrases for starting conversation with people, and greetings and pleasantries.

In addition, learn a handful of useful phrases for getting around and carrying out day-to-day activities while visiting Spanish-speaking countries.

Hello. / Hi.
Hola. / Hola.
How are you?
¿Cómo estás?
I am fine. And you?
Estoy bien. ¿Y tú?
What is your name?
¿Cómo te llamas?
My name is Steve.
My name is Steve
Mi nombre es Steve.
I am pleased to meet you.
Tengo el placer de conocerte.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
De nada.
Por favor.
Excuse me. / Sorry.
Disculpe. / Lo siento.
Yes. / No.
Sí. / No.
Good morning.
Buen día.
Good afternoon.
Buenas tardes
Good night.
Buenas noches.
See you later.
Hasta luego.
Do you speak English?
¿Hablas inglés?
I don’t speak English well.
No hablo bien inglés.
I speak a little Spanish.
Hablo un poco de español.
Do you understand?
¿Lo entiendes?
I don’t understand.
No entiendo.
Please speak slowly.
Por favor habla despacio.
Please say it again.
Porfavor, digalo de nuevo.
I am looking for the Hotel.
Estoy buscando el Hotel.
How can I get there?
¿Como puedo llegar allí?
I would like to book a room.
Me gustaría reservar una habitación.
How much is it per night / person?
¿Cuánto es por noche / persona?
Can I change money?
¿Puedo cambiar dinero?
I would like to buy a wine.
Me gustaría comprar un vino.
How much is this?
¿Cuánto cuesta este?
Can I have a receipt, please?
¿Puedo tener un recibo por favor?
Left. / Right. / Straight.
Izquierda. / Bien. /
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About Spanish Language and Our Translator Tool

Spanish (Español) is the official language of 20 countries and several international organisations such as The United Nations, The European Union, and the Organisation of American States to name a few. It is spoken by over 500 million people worldwide and is the fourth most spoken language of the world.

On our online Translator you can translate English words, sentences and phrases into Spanish.

For E.g.


"Spanish grammar was first published in 1492 by Antonio De Nebrija. This is the same year that columbus discovered America."

will be converted into

"La gramática española fue publicada por primera vez en 1492 por Antonio De Nebrija. Este es el mismo año en que Colón descubrió América."
Besides, English to Spanish Translation if you wish to translate between Spanish and other language (such as Portuguese or Hindi) then use following links that opens up third party translator tool to facilitate these services.:

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Translate Nepali words, sentences and phrases into Spanish for FREE.